Tuesday, April 19

day 10365 1/2: good deeds and random ponderings

Is someone trying to punish me? I try to do something good, a tiny act of random kindness. It's not MY day on kitchen duty at monkeyco, so why is it that when I TRY to help someone out, I end up with coffee-water-backsplash all over my work skirt and new nylons.


Maybe I should have emptied the cup before I turned it over in the dishwasher.


I thought I was taking a break from all activities. So why is it so hard to schedule my bartending course. It's either conflicting with wedding one, bridal shower for wedding two, bonfire two, my motorcycle course, the airbrush course I finally signed up for, softball or one of my climbing days.

I don't even have any major projects coming up...

I'm tired.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you wanted to learn to ride...