Friday, May 20

day 10396: more randomania from the land of jamania

'levator going down

J: Oh my god, this skirt is short!!
T: You only just realized?
J: Oh my god, yeah.
T: Relax, it looks good.
J: But is it appropriate for work?
T: Probably not. It's really short.

queen & yonge

Stranger: "'Scuse me ma'am! I just want to give you a compliment! You are very beautiful!"
J: {thinking} hm, he looks like Stephen Baldwin... did he just call me MA'AM?
S: "You probably have a husband. No? You probably have a boyfriend..."
J: {thinking} tee-hee... ok, stop following me... this is kind of creepy...did he just run out from McDonald's?

hurts to sneeze

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

how do the people without siblings talk about the really important things

... like bathroom related things you can't talk about with anyone else, because they'll think you're stranger than a pie on the moon. Not that I am, of course. Strange, I mean.

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