Monday, June 6

day 10412: one too many csi episodes and an overactive imagination

A couple of years ago, I spraypainted a few snowboards. A dragon for me, sun patterns for Sista, LOTR for Paul – they were awesome. But life happened and I got busy (plus, I lost all desire and urge to be creative when all of last summer’s crap went down), so as a result, another hobby fell to the wayside.

Last week, I finally took the airbrush course that I’ve been meaning to take since 2003. And now I’m obsessed. I have big plans for my new hobby. Three more snowboards – one for Paul and two for JB – and a motorcycle helmet… a motorcycle helmet that I got free through

But it was funny. Not in a ha-ha funny kind of way, but more in a prophetic kind of way. Before I picked up the helmet (and a motorcycle tank, btw) I was filled with timid trepidation. I was concerned that I was driving to the middle of nowhere to find a stranger named Gio who promised me a helmet and a tank for free. So I told Triscuit to search my email should anything ever happen to me and I disappeared. Of course this was all pre-break…kind of…

He told me not to worry, and chances are the guy wouldn’t be a serial killer… and that I was just being the typical girl who was overthinking things. Yeah right.

I drove up to find Gio standing in the driveway holding an electric saw. He looked at me with intense curiosity. I introduced myself and we chatted a bit about my “work” and about my “plans” for the helmet.

Apparently, he’s an artist too. And he might be looking for a “painter” to touch up some of his stuff.

Um-hm? What kind of stuff? I’m just being polite. I really don’t care.

Life casts. He pointed up to the garage rafters where there are about half a dozen body casts made out of plaster of paris. Like the kind you see in those afternoon horror shows… Freaky…

I thanked him profusely for the free stuff and backed up real slowly out of the garage. Never turned my back on him, got in my car and drove away… really quickly...

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