Tuesday, June 7

day 10414: a story that happened once upon a time that i’d forgotten until just now

Once upon a time, say maybe two years ago, I was driving along Finch Ave. with my cousin. My cell phone rang. I picked up.

“Hi, may I speak to Michelle?” Wrong number… no “Michelle” here… no worries, better luck next time.

Hang up.

Five minutes later… “Hi, may I speak to Michelle?” Still wrong number… no “Michelle” here… sorry… I think she gave you a fake number… better luck next time, buddy.

Hang up.

Five minutes later…

“Hi, who is this? You sound cute. Let’s get together sometime.”

He called for another two months after. Sometimes trying three or four times a night. The worse part was that he had blocked ID so I couldn’t even screen his calls.

The funny part… “No, sorry I have a boyfriend,” didn’t work. He was all “Well, if he ever treats you wrong, just let me know and I’ll find him and beat the shit out of him.” If only I still had his number…

The End

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teahouse said...

Hahaha..I bet that was just a ploy to pick up a girl. He probably called a bunch of cell phones, asking for a different girl's name every time...