Tuesday, July 12

day 10449: dear brain

I’m sorry, BRAIN, but WTF? Why the heck am I sitting here thinking about dumb OLD Triscuit and the things that I’m never going to be sharing with him again? Do I care that I will never again crawl around on my hands and knees patching holes in the silly ice rink that we never really even played on? Do I care that he really used me for slave labour (i.e. digging out FENCE POSTS) and tried to make jokes about how we were doing things “together”? GIMME A BREAK! I should be working, or in the least pretending to be accomplishing something for which I am paid for. I should be thinking about other boys and trying to figure out a way to get over this mess.

But no. You’ve betrayed me, BRAIN. You keep letting him creep into my thoughts, destroying my hard won sanity. You fill my mind with what-ifs and why-nots and we’re-only-human-too, but I’m smarter than that…


Do you hear me?


Enuff said. Now get back to work, BRAIN, before I trade you in for a newer and shinier model. We don't need to play his games again. We did very well without him for so long. We can do without him again.


teahouse said...

The brain plays tricks on us..

di said...

ah yes, the brain/heart struggle... don't dwell on it, look way ahead into the future and know that you're the better deal.

i know it's difficult, but you'll be stronger for this, and know that your friends are there for you. *hugs*