Sunday, July 17

day 10454: two degrees of separation (aka when worlds collide again)

Last night at Shallow Groove, while helping Lenny celebrate his last twenty-something birthday, I got to talking with a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who I had just met. Conversation flowed well. No wierd awkward pauses or silences. It was nice just chatting and getting to know someone new.

We flitted from topic to topic, did the usual "what kind of things are you into," "what do you do," and eventually settled on talking about six-degrees of separation experiences. I told him about Rocker Boy and how he used to be elementary school best friends with one of my oldest friends. He told me how he knew BettyG from school and met her again on one of the D&C ski trips and wow, wasn't it strange that she was here celebrating Lenny's last twenty-something birthday as well.

Changed topic... work... ugh... who wants to talk about monkeyco?

Consultant, he said when it was his turn to talk... near Blue Jays Way and Wellingtong. *click* *click*... the gears in my head are turning.

"Wait a second... do you know RAVI?"

"Oh yeah... I work with him. How two degrees is that?"

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