Wednesday, July 27

day 10464: drive david drive!!!!!!

It all began with a plan.

“Ok, J, you get the to-go cups from the top cabinet and then run for the vodka. You know where it is. Mar, you get the ice from the freezer and cut some limes. I’ll go to the bathroom and then we’ll switch… J, you pour the drinks and make ‘em strong… READY??? GO!! GO!! GO!!! HUSSLE!!! HUSSLE!!! HUSSLE!!!!!!!!”

Within minutes, we had jumped out the car, raced up to the fifteenth floor, changed, made drinks, cries of “You’re out of vodka” and “I have another 60 in the closet!” and were on our way. We were late for softball. As usual.

“Ok, this time, Mar, you go grab your shoes, CC and I will grab more ice and refill the bottles… READY??? GO!! GO!! GO!!! HUSSLE!!! HUSSLE!!! HUSSLE!!!!!!!!”

We raced back to the car, ziplock bag full of ice cubes and Stoli in hand. Thirteen minutes left to make it to the game on time. Waved and smiled prettily to the cops driving next to us, hid the to-go cup… lucky that Dave was driving… it’s nice not being dd all the time.

We get to the field, horns a blazing, gloves in hand, all ready to go. Did I mention that we had been drinking since 2:30pm because of monkeyco. I love work sometimes.

Trash talk the opposing team… why do they hate us so? Why are they throwing their bats against the fence and WHY ARE WE GIGGLING LIKE SCHOOL GIRLS IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR BASEBALL GAME?

“Run, Mar, run! Whoo hooo!!! Nice hit Rocker Boy!! If you hit him home, I’ll kiss ya!!!”

WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!!! FCUK YEAH!!! We just beat the first place team!

We rock… now let’s go celebrate some more… and then some. Softball rocks.

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