Monday, January 9

day 10629: the story… finally…

Last night, I dreamt I hosted the Golden Globe Awards and won an award for being in a movie called Home Again. An extremely vivid dream, I woke up feeling elated, thinking that it actually happened. But the happiness I was feeling wasn’t from hosting the show, or even from winning best actress. Rather, it was because the maternal one finally said that she was proud of me.

The worse thing a child can hear from a parent is how disappointed the parent is in the child. We spend our childhoods trying to impress them and make them proud of us. We look to them for their smiles and nods of approval whenever we score a goal or do well in school. Even as adults, we try to gain their respect, and try to make them understand that we are indeed capable of living our own independent lives with minimal interference.

And for all that we accomplish and all the battles that we have fought throughout the years with or without them, it still stings when they claim their personal failure in life was because you didn’t live up to their expectations.

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