Tuesday, January 10

day 10630: days in which all you want to say is “kiss my flabby ass, fcukwit”

Much as I love this blog, I’m thinking that this part of my life will soon be over. Not because I don’t want to write mildly entertaining things about all the fcukwit drama in my life and not because there’s a lack of fcukwit drama, more because gosh-darn-golly, there’s too much fcukwit drama going on.

What with me holding a grudge against the maternal one, trying not to lose sleep over monkeyco not telling me whether or not I have a job in two months, training for Porterro, trying to teach myself French and Spanish at the same time and trying to sort out all the other little nitty-gritty details in my life, blogging about my fcukwit drama is just not doing it for me anymore. I have to do something to fix it instead.


digital di said...

really? i'm gonna miss visiting your blog... it keeps me entertained on days where my monkeyco is putting me to sleep. plus, it helps me stay in touch on all the drama in your life... please reconsider. Fix your life then tell us how you did it.

jay said...

don't leave us schmassion!!!

schmassion said...

thanks guys... just really busy these days so quality's going down. :(