Thursday, January 19

day 10639: until it happens to someone you know…

There’s a boy. Let’s call him Mike. He could be a Chris, James, Howard, Raphael, Peter Somebody the Third… but let’s go with Mike for now.

Mike was driving home to Brampton at 2am after a night of work and hanging out with his buds when he was pulled over by a cop. For speeding, he assumed. Except, his car is a clunker and barely capable of even making it to the speed limit.

He was polite when he asked the cop why he had been stopped. He was polite when the cop asked him to get into the backseat of the cruiser to take a breathalyzer test.

He’d had two beers hours ago, he told the cop. He passed the first breathalyzer test. Something must be wrong, blow again…

Are you giving me attitude?

No Sir, of course not.

He passed the second test.

According to the numbers, Mike was no where close to being impaired.

According to the cop, he was close to the legal limit. The cop had his car towed…

Mike wasn’t allowed to call his sister to come pick him up. The cop said he’d call him a cab, and left him standing on the side of the road… at 2am… on the 401… in the middle of winter…

The cab never showed. Mike had to call his own an hour later. He got home at 4am and is still wondering why he was pulled over in the first place.

You see, Mike is young.

Mike has an afro…

Mike is black.

Draw your own conclusions.

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