Sunday, January 29

day 10649: when angels cry

What can you say when a doctor tells you that the best thing to do is to call your kids and tell them to get on the first flight home?

If you even believe in a higher power, please pray for peace.

Thank you.


teahouse said...

Oh, no. I hope everything is ok!!

Definitely praying.

flamer. said...

Schmassion, formerly the one who would run at the mouth is gone. Yes, the formerly loquacious and excitable individual who would launch herself into hysteria at the sight of a blue car or an airplane flying overhead (and then blog about it) gone....

...rendered a mute.

But not forever I suspect. Growing a spine may be slow and tedious, but it can be done eventually...with a little self-respect. Plus I'm patient.

...oh, and Schmassion, be a dear and erase this comment like you did all the others. Okie-dokie?

Flamer out.