Friday, January 27

day 10647: (not) geek accountant geek accountant geek accountant geek accountant

Last night, we went to see The Matador. The movie itself… meh… it was good for entertainment value with some nice one-liners, but that’s pretty much about it. A smarmy Pierce is really not so good for eye candy.

When I watch a movie, I pay attention to what they’re drinking. (Alcoholic that I am.*) Thus, little details really grab me… like the bottle of Makers Mark on the bedside table in the first scene, or the night they got drunk on Bushmills, or the two-fours of Corona at the bullfights, the Corona flags at the racetrack or the Corona they’re constantly drinking the entire time they’re in Mexico… and then I can’t help but wonder how much Fortune Brands, Constellation, and damned-if-I-remember-who-got-Bushmills-out-of-the-damned-takeover paid for the product placement.

Really, what they did with the alcohol was almost as bad as the Target logos blatantly plastered all over everything in Josie and the Pussycats.**


*I SWEAR, this, by no means, has ANY correlation whatsoever with me being a geek accountant geek accountant geek accountant.

**See...I pay attention all the things that the studios are trying to subliminally advertise to us…


flamer said...

No, Stephen Harper did actually get the majority vote. 36% Conservative, 30% Liberals and the NDP 17%. Harper was elected in genuine democratic fashion by winning the popular vote among Canadians. Go to to verify.

Schmassion said - "The “majority” of people actually voted Liberal...but we have a Conservative government. That sucks." You really should stop listening to LZ for facts...

Schmassion said - "There was much ado about the Liberal “smear” campaign where no one ever saw the ads."


"monkey do nothing but smear poo…"

...Uh, no. I saw the ads...everyone in Canada with a television set saw the ads...blind people saw the ads...blind people covered in monkey poo & without televisions saw the ads. But people harboring certain political biases that cloud perception did not see the ads.

Schmassion said - "I don’t generally follow politics...It doesn’t interest me...I’d much rather argue accounting theory..." shows.

LZ, if you are reading this, stop trying to convince everyone that drinking human blood for recreation is fine. It's not. And for the love of God, stop confusing Schmassion with all your political misinformation.

Thank you.
Flamer out.

schmassion said...

Dear Flamer,

Right. I checked the numbers. So the Conservatives did win majority of votes. I based my obviously erroneous facts off election coverage Monday night. So things changed as the west coast numbers came in... I'm sorry... did I forget to tell the internet world that by the time all the numbers were finalized, I'd already have spent the night in hospital with no sleep and had written the entry based on whatever I had seen on tv the night before. Do I really care? Nope. I really don't give a flying fcuk about the actual numbers.

As for the blind people covered in monkey poo & without tvs... seriously, Dude... check your own facts. The ad in question was pulled and never actually aired. The public only saw news coverage of it. They never saw the actual ad in it's entirety unless they had downloaded it off the Liberal website. Most people would never have known about the existence of the ad until the Conservatives and the media made such a hallabaloo about it. Canadian politics, historically, is based on smear tactics. In the election before last, there was an ad bashing Chretien's appearance and ability to look like a leader for our country because his face is half parallized by a stroke... how fair is that?

Flamer... I have no idea why you keep coming back to my blog if you don't like what I write. I really don't care. You hide behind your anonymity and bash my friends (people, you obviously don't know). I've been patient. I've been ignoring your belligerance, but honestly... get a life... you must have something better to do with your life than to attack innocent people on someone else's site.