Thursday, May 4

day 10744: what the fcuk did I ever do in a past life to deserve all this?

{Begin Rant}

Dear Guy-Who-Just-Walked-Out-Of-the-Elevator,

Not to be blunt, but when you hear someone yell out “Ew, GROSS!” just as they walk into the elevator you just left, it means either one of two things:

1. You smell. Please take a shower. If your stench lingers after you’ve left the area, it’s an issue. You might want to consider seeing a doctor.

2. You fcuking let one rip in the elevator, you pig-scum. It’s a fcuking enclosed space which means limited air circulation, which means that you are lower than low to make the next person suffer the consequences of your 3am burrito fetish. AND… if you smirked or giggled or even thought it was remotely funny… you fcuker, I hope you suffocate to death in your own methane hell one day.

{/End Rant}

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