Monday, May 8

day 10748: meet the kids

Roles are reversed. Tonight I get to meet the Maternal One's new beau.

As retarded as this might sound, I am completely prepared to dislike him for about two minutes for something as arbitrary and stupid as having a mustache or having big earlobes.

And then maybe I'll be supportive, or at least try to be.

How's that for poetic justice?


teahouse said...

So does that make you a surly teenager meeting the mom's date for the evening? Will he have to have that talk with you about how he "doesn't want to be your Dad; I just want to be your friend"?

schmassion said...

He has a mustache.
He has big earlobes.
He's trying too hard for a level of familiarity for someone who has only just met me.
He reminds me of my ex-stepfather.
Enough said.