Tuesday, May 16

day 10756: as empty as what's inside my head

From: New Coworker Dude
To: Schmassion
Re: meeting

Just to let you know, your boss, [Boss's name], will be in meetings for the morning.


New Coworker Dude

From: Schmassion
To: Ex-Coworker Chick
Re: FWD meeting

Something tells me that I'm not being friendly enough to the new guy.

From: Ex-Coworker Chick
To: Schmassion
Re: Re FWD meeting

Wait! Doesn't he sit next to you?

From: Schmassion
To: Ex-Coworker Chick
Re: Re Re FWD meeting



teahouse said...

Hmm..is he so intimidated by your good looks and charm, that he's afraid to talk directly to you and has to correspond by email over the 3-foot distance? Hahahahaha.

jay said...

hahahaha... new guy is retardo... although i see it all the time with our co-ops... there will be like six of them sitting in a row at the office, and they're all MSNing each other... not talking... MSNing.... ALL DAY. =)