Wednesday, May 17

day 10757: points... runs... meh...

Top of the seventh. Field is soaked from the day's downpour. Blackouts trail by 8 runs. Our heros are disheartened and gloomy. It's been a tough game.

Then a miracle.

9 runs. I think someone hit a grand-slam. Wait... maybe not. Only two people were on base, but still the screams of joy.

Bottom of the seventh... it's only a seven inning game. First guy strikes himself out. Second guy fouls on the infield-fly rule, eventually makes it to first base... damn it, the second baseman should have gotten it (oh wait, that was me). He eventually makes it to second. Drat.

But then, the enemy gets suckered by their own batting order. Girl one, out! Girl two... we watch with bated breath, strike... pitch again... hit... crap!

Suddenly, someone snags it, and launches it to first. Ball floats in slow-motion. Everything else besides the ball ceases to exist.



Blackouts win 20-19. Yay.

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