Thursday, March 1

day 11043: bikini bikini bikini

In preparation for Hawaii (countdown 17 days), my mantra has become "bikini, bikini, bikini" which really doesn't matter anyway, since me in a bikini... not pretty.

But, the mantra is working. I've detoxed for the past week, and I managed to claw my way up a 5.11a today. Even if I don't look like a rockstar, I can climb better than a rockstar.


k said...

WOW!! That's great!! :) I'm so proud of you :) (and jealous!)

But I can't wait for Hawaii either. That's going to be so fun! :)

Woe said...

You don't need the mantra. Detoxing is good...but I think you look great in a bikini. And the Hawaiian boys will too :)

teahouse said...

Yeah, you rock with your bad self!!

Being in shape and physically fit is much better than looking good in a bikini, anyway.

Me - I've looked like a freak in a bikini since age 18. But I can run 6 miles!