Sunday, March 4

day 11046: weekend randomness

~ I decorated a cake for the Grandmother's birthday... I was ashamed to admit that I made it. That's how bad it turned out.

~ Timothy Dalton did not age well. Poor guy.

~ We shot parts of a music video to BSB "I Want it That Way." I've never understood that song.

~ What the heck was in the envelope that DiCaprio gave that chick in "The Departed?"

~ I tried to give up red meat this weekend. My attempt lasted 3 hours. I was asleep for two and a half of those hours. My downfall was pork jerky.

~ Crazy Coworker Chick is heretofore to be known as Queen Wingwoman (QW for short). Story to come. Maybe.

~ QW and I think alike. We both wanted to ditch Coworker Dude because he was cramping our style. We ditched him and headed back to the bar for another round.

1 comment:

k said...

Pork is the other white meat! :)