Thursday, May 7

day 11841: new toys and new boys...

So sue me, things have been a little busy... I've done a complete 180 from a non-dater to a super dater. Have met a lot of new people, have had a lot of worlds collide, but alas, no keepers. I bought a new little netbook toy for myself. Still undecided/uncertain about the teeny weeny keyboard, but it's only been a couple of hours of playtime and things seem to be a little more fluid already. Have been trying to figure out how to build a living wall for my condo - unfortunately, my thumb does not appear to be any shade of green whatsoever, so maybe I'll be hacking myself a fakey to pretend.

Oh, and thank goodness for bio-degradable vanilla scented dog poopy bags.

1 comment:

Renée said...

So that's where you've been! I thought the puppy ate your keyboard too. :P