Monday, May 11

day 11845: 524,600 minutes x 5 + 24 hrs for the leap year

This morning, I walked into the monkeyco offices to a cube decorated with balloons and streamers. WTF, I thought, my birthday is in December! It wasn't even my second birthday (March 17) or my third birthday (May 5). Someone in HR must have gotten it wrong... the clowns.


Joke was on me of course. Bosslady (aka TAB aka QWW) remembered that yesterday was my 5th anniversary with monkeyco and spent the early hours of the morning decorating my cube. She even baked me a cake, which was pretty darn awesome since I baked my last birthday cake. Yes, I have a darn great boss - you should be jealous.

Mired in my own Monday morning misery, I had totally forgotten. It had never even crossed my mind that 5 years had gone by so quickly... (well most days... some days dragged for decades) and while I know I complain a lot and generally pray for days to go by faster, there's a part of me that wishes that life would slow down and stop pulling me along.

5 years is a long time. Some days I wonder if I have anything to show for it except for an expanded waistline from all that cake.


Rose Petal said...

I miscounted - turns out I only have 9 years not 10. Dammit. There goes my pension increase. At least you got a cake. 9 years is even worse. All the suffering, none of the reward.

teahouse said...

Wow, that's pretty nice of your coworkers! I've never been given any anniversary party/recognition at any job I've ever had...