Thursday, November 13

Day 9841: Living in a goldfish bowl

I dreamt last night that I bought a goldfish. Or rather, that I was in the store attempting to buy a goldfish. At first, I wanted the little white one (memories of Karen's dearly departed Maki...was that it's name?), then the pretty red one, and then the funky pearly blue and white one that the shopkeep didn't want to sell me. Never actually bought the fish. Woke up before I made the decision, or maybe I just forgot what I decided on. Happens. Happens all the time. I don't usually remember my dreams...hmmm I wonder what this one means. I do remember paying for the goldfish bowl though. Funny... since the last fish we had (O'Henry? Or was it Willimina... I'm not so good with names) lived out his/her life in a punchbowl. No worries - I only serve alcoholic punch in that bowl. Alcohol is the gift of the gods - kills everything that ails you... and more. I think I've been watching too much Finding Nemo before bed. Cartoon obsession??? Really??? Where... No idea what you're talking about... spongewho????

I'm about to become one of those people I absolutely peeve about... yup - you got it. I'm about to become a bailer. In all fairness, I never really wanted to take the truffles class to begin with. I'm just not in my gorging-on-obscene-amounts-of-chocolate-while-paying-$90-for-the-priviledge kind of mood. I kinda signed up just for the heck of it, and because my chocolate obsessed friend, Iris - who I love dearly and is prolly really pissed at me for bailing on her - wanted someone to go with. Never stopped to think that I was in the middle of doing the whole cannot eat chocolate or junk food bit and if I do I gotta pay $10 to the sista and $10 to Triscuit per piece. Yeah, truffles class would have just defeated the purpose of the self-imposed diet.

So instead, I'm bailing. Bailing on chocolate, and bailing on Iris, just so that I can drive 6 1/2 hours to Tremblant to go boarding with Gina et al. Oh, but it will be an awesomely fantastic, amazing weekend. Even if there's only a little bit of snow, just being out there will get my little heart pumping and keep me from exploding until I get to go again (2 weeks later). So jealous of all those who can afford to fly out to BC this year and board. Need to find a new job that'll let me take hols during the season. Hurts that I gotta do the whole Friday midnight dash to whatever resort everyone's hanging at, just so that I can board on Saturday, and maybe a little on Sunday before trekking back to the hell in which I work. Prolly going to do that for Jay this year, even though last year was a complete bust. But hey, what can you say if it's -40 outside... except "brrrrrrr, turn up the freakin' heat, will ya!!"

I'm trying to be a good bailer though. I'm trying to find a replacement who could be ten times better than me in a kitchen and who could actually potentially use this skill later on in life... and maybe someone that Iris likes just a little better than me... hint, hint... Andrew. But unfortunately, the fishys aren't biting and no one really seems interested. That, and everyone's going to be away that weekend. The fam's taking off for the warm-who-knows-where, the parental units will be flying down to Texas to nag the sis to death... thank god it's her turn! I'm trying, I'm really trying...!!! :o) lol... who knew you had to all-but-bribe someone into eating chocolate.


All previous references to Caramilk CHOCOLATE BARS have been deleted... ew...ew...ew...ew...ew


Ha, ha... so joke's on you, whoever's reading this. I told some people about my blog and they're! we get to go inside J's mind and see how it works... yeah... well sorry to waste your time. My mind just doesn't work, and there's not much in there, and definitely not anything that's interesting or worth reading about. Never question, just accept - there's no reason why I am the way that I am. I just am... as opposed to someone else who says "I am who I am... and a little of what you want me to be." That, my friends, is just wrong.

Blustery day today. Winter's-a-coming! All smiles today, cuz it's the first official snow. Those one or two flakes that I saw driving to work a couple of weeks ago just don't count. It's been flurry-ing all morning and supposed to continue all evening. Too bad the ground is too warm to get some decent accumulation. Heard that somewhere north of the city, they're getting 20cm+... cool - that will make a good base. Preseason life tix are way cheaper... specially if you can pass for under 17 and still buy youths... hee ... hee... who me??? No ethical dilemmas here. Never understood why they charge different prices when it takes the same amount of effort to get me up the hill anyway.

Three more weeks and I'll be on the slopes... but hey, who's counting... ME!!!! THAT'S WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayayayay!

Still need snowboard volunteers... bunny-man...hint...hint... your board will thank you...

PS... when did I get a reputation for drinking??? Sheesh... one lousy pubcrawl, a couple of drunken nights playing basketball in the dark, and a taxi ride home that I don't really remember... and all of a sudden I'm a lush??? What's going on here... where's the conspiracy???

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