Monday, November 17

Day 9845: Hey y'all!!!

I'm BACKKKK!!!! Miss me???!!!

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Toot toot... I don't think we're in Dallas anymore. :o(

So there was a mechanical bull, and no, I did not get a chance to ride it. Tarnation! I didn't even get a chance to see it. Must admit, am mildly disappointed at that. I actually was looking forward to riding a mechanical bull, although in all probability, I would have chickened out at first chance I got. Did ride a marble bull though, and kept falling off...damn slippery little sucker...still counts, doesn't it?

Dry beginning to a great weekend. Bored stiff at the airport, 2 hr wait, so decided to sms the only person I knew who would respond at 4:30 in the afternoon... Triscuit. Sometimes I wonder how any of my friends get any work done during the day with me emailing and sms'g. Better question-how do I ever get any work done? But hey, I'm selfish and I need attention! NOW!!!

Bought some juice and a couple of chocolate bars (yes, I did buy Caramilk bars, and tho I fully enjoyed them, could not get certain "images" out of my mind... interesting...) and settled down for the 3 hour flight. (theme to gilligan's island running through my head while I'm typing this...) I have a funny suspicion that the New Jersey lacross team was on the flight, but naw, couldn't be - could it? Storm something or rather? Had a great time singing country music songs to myself and designing boards for people. PD, if you ever read this, you are sooooooo gonna love the board I'm doing for you!! (hint: LOTR) Gonna be soooo cool.

Happy teary reunion with the sista, and then off to the rodeo in Fort Worth! Awesome. Bull riding at it's "finest." Definitely cool for a coupla city slickers. Next stop, Billy Bob's for some ribs and fries with a side of country music - Kevin Fowler - never heard of him before and may never hear about him again, but not bad... except for that song he sings about feeling sorry for the next girl 'cuz he loved the one before. Yeah, ummm Kevin, about that - being the next girl sucks as it is. We don't need your pity.

Cowboys are friendly. Texas BBQ sauce rocks. Sista's condo really, really rocks... "lap" pool and all. ;o)

Sat. morning, drove into Austin. Saw a funky statue of a giraffe licking the sky - had no idea what the heck it was until the drive back. City Zoo - go figure. Coupla funny high-speed pix... blurry, I'm sure. The entire time that we were in Austin, the Blake Sheldon song kept going through my mind. Y'all know that song - it's called "Austin"... go figure. :o)

Ok, everyone ready for this!? I'm actually gonna promo a website... It rocks. Gave us a fab hotel (really quite swanky - doormen who open your car doors and hold your keys hostage until you tip them...) for only $46 US for the night. Close to downtown and everything! I think the deal is that you don't know where you're staying until you pay for it, and you can't cancel at any time. Oh well. Worth it.

Fried, fried, fried, and refried catfish, crawfish, and shrimp for lunch. Don't think I'll be eating anything fried for a long time to come. If that's the typical food of the south... no wonder - y'all know what I'm talking about. Hydro tour on those amphibious vehicles through Austin - Go UT Go! Crazy traffic because of the UT/Texas Tech football game. UT won with an unbelievable 50-something yard touchdown. Or so someone said because I haven't the slightest clue what any of that meant... just lotsa people dressed in burnt orange and lotsa cars during our drive downtown. Unbelievably great time on the geeky city tour... don't remember much about what they told us, but we had loads of fun quacking at people walking on the streets AND we got to buy/keep 27 quackers. KICK ASS RUBBER DUCKIES!!!

What's better - a cowboy or a fireman. What if he's a cowboy and a fireman?

Segway, guys... F&L have the cutest baby on the planet. "fay-fay" c'est tres cute!!! Happy, bubbly, and such an amazing baby. Congrats guys!!! (... awwww... now I want one... really...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...)

Tired now, and I wanna go home - short, short summary of everything else... street party, got lost, drunken revelers, got lost, no parking, got lost, Rudy's Country Store, got lost, amazing ribs and chopped meat, got lost, 45 minute teaser outlet mall shopping (successful, I might add...), did I mention we got lost? Relatively decent flight home - 1/2 hr early - great until we hit a little turbulence and some guy started screaming... guy... not girl... it wasn't even all that bad.

Exhausted, but happy! Later gators! :o)

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