Wednesday, November 19

Day 9847: Deja vu.

Woke up with another headache. Going to see the doctor today. Wish me luck - maybe she'll amputate my head. That would solve all my problems.

Must stop checking for non-existing emails. Too much time wasted toggling back and forth between "real" work and Outlook. Stomach should not be doing little miniscule flip-flops every time the "connecting to server" message takes a little longer to flip to "mail delivery complete"... who's email am I waiting for? No idea. Procrastination at it's worse.

I think my mind is playing little games with me. Either that, or I'm starting to believe in past lives. Somewhere deep within the recesses of my mind, there's this tingly feeling that I've killed someone and my mind is trying to block it out. I don't know how. Car accident? Some other kind of accident??? Maybe this isn't the kind of thing that I should blog about. But I'm pretty sure it didn't happen in this lifetime. Maybe I'm just subconciously working television and movies into my dream and since they were vivid dreams, I'm actually believing in them... ahhh... the power of the mind... at it's worse. Maybe I was a former CIA spy and I've been brainwashed and reprogrammed to who I am today. Seriously doubt it.

Oops, I've gone and run out of things to say. Damn headache... please go away, and don't come back tomorrow either.

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