Tuesday, December 16

Day 9874: Does anyone really care? Really.

There's something to be said about the state of Toronto's highways and the people who decided when and how and WHEN to fix them. Granted, rush hour is not a good time for the collectors lanes to be closed, but couldn't they have given advanced warning - instead of waiting for me to find out at the last second that the 404 exit to the Westbound 401 was closed. Or maybe they did give warning, and I just didn't see it. Could be... but somehow, I think the gods were conspiring against me last night. Someone definitely didn't want me to get home.

It was a good night. Dinner with the girl who asked me to be her bridesmaid in September (who I haven't seen since the wedding...), so a good catchup session and a good gossip session... hee hee. Climbing afterwards, and managed to send a 5.10a again! Different one though, not so reachy, but it was a good climb, and I felt great afterwards. Fingers are suffering a bit today, but hey... I did a 5.10a. Yay me! Went for burritos afterwards with half the gang (the other half took off early...). Drove Corey home, and that, my friends is where my troubles began.

404 exit to the Westbound 401 closed. Didn't find out until I was already on the off ramp, so too late to swerve back onto the 404 and get off at Sheppard. Instead, went 401 East. No big deal. Got off at Vic Park and decided to hop back on the 401 West instead of sitting through the empty red lights. BIG MISTAKE. Collectors closed. Stuck in express lanes to god-knows where. Kept seeing signs that said "Next Collectors exit closed" !!! @#$%!!! Thought I'd end up in the Mississaugan boondocks or something. Keep in mind, it was way past midnight, been climbing all day and barely got any sleep the night before. Finally got off at Allen. Went through Yorkdale mall, and decided to hop back on the 401 West for the 2 exits to Yonge Street. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Approaching Avenue, and see a sign that says Yonge St. North exit closed... @#$%!!! By now, in near hysterics. Laughing way too much in an already ironic situation, trying to celli Triscuit to commiserate with me. Got off Avenue, went along York Mills, all good until I turn left on Yonge St to go North... @#$%!!! Traffic jam, merging into one lane, police cars everywhere... oh... the irony!!! I thought that maybe they were fixing the bridge again, which would take at least 20 minutes of sit time. Luckily though, it was just a RIDE spotcheck. No biggie. Had not been drinking. Made it home in record time afterwards.

Seriously though, something up there really didn't want me to go home last night. Too funny!!! :)

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