Friday, January 16

Day 9905: Even if you are stupid, you're still beautiful...

I'm wearing my Care Bear shirt today underneath an oversized green sweater that I borrowed from my sister's closet. It has a hole in the sleeve, but I didn't put it there. My shirt has Cheer Bear on it and it says 100% huggable. Today I just feel like a kid. Or dressing like one. At least I don't wear the same T-shirt that I've had since middle school. Ahem...

I have another Care Bear shirt with Grumpy Bear on it. That one says I get grumpy when I haven't had my hug. Hmmm. Maybe I'm just a really huggy type of person these days. Or maybe I'm just regressing back into childhood. Wow. Considering the company I've been keeping, that's not too far a stretch.

I've always loved cartoons. I love drinking chocolate milk through a bendy straw - better yet if it's a crazy straw. Those things rock, but they're so hard to clean out. Oops, the practical side of me is showing through. I love sugar sweet cereal that turns the milk a funky nasty purple grey colour. I still watch children's feel good movies, and yes, they do make me feel better. I sleep with Care Bears, I don't have a Disney or Hello Kitty obsession, and I do have a few stuffed animals, though most of them become property of DAWG eventually. Too funny.

My inner child is shouting out to be heard... I'm even thinking about mascerating an old stuffed animal to make a cute new chalk bag.

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