Monday, January 19

Day 9908: "I am the favourite past time of all the guys in my office..." ~ someone "special"

Stress is relative. My life compared to some people is very unstressful. But today I have tension headaches or maybe tension migraines. I wonder why.

Tuxedo Sam has met every single member of my family. It was only a matter of time. On Saturday, he met the last two - my mom and Uncle Fred. Car in the ditch, mom almost run over by a 4X4 - it was definitely an interesting night to say the least. But everyone is okay, and well... I'm sure things could be better. I'm just glad things weren't worse.

Off I go to pop more pills. But before I do that... here are my stresses...

1. Money... or rather... no money
2. Blue... hullabaloo about driving back and forth
3. Jay Peak... should I or shouldn't I?
4. Killington... I need confirmation people!!!
5. Why do I need to define things when I'm happy where I am?
6. Job... what job??
7. Close calls suckass
8. Headaches... I hope it's not another 5 weeker.
9. Dumb Colts... why couldn't they make it to the SuperBowl?

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