Tuesday, January 20

Day 9909: Jocks vs. Geeks

Yesterday, in my migrainial stupor and inability to sleep in fear of not being able to fall asleep when I was supposed to be sleeping, I actually turned on the television. And *sob*... watched reality tv. I admit it. I sat on the couch, bored to virtual tears, watching Average Joe in Hawaii... of all things. Ok, so really, I was flipping back and forth between that and Meet the Parents and that movie with Steve Martin and his big, big nose. But who really cares since I fell asleep and never saw the end of any of those.

But, I have to admit, Average Joe in Hawaii was actually interesting. Not in the conventional show type of interesting, but interesting in the way it revealed so much about the human psyche and man's insecurity. In case you haven't seen the show, I THINK the general premise is that a bunch of "average" (read some semi-geeky but completely normal) men compete for the tender affections of a gorgeous woman (or something equally as corny) when all of a sudden, in yesterday's episode, a boat-load (literally) of sexy, incredibly good-looking, athletic surfer type dudes (WHOA BABY!!!) show up to compete against the geekoids. You could literally see the "average joe's" confidence shatter. It was actually quite sad and really rather depressing since we all know how applicable that is in real life - the show only made it that much more apparent. It was rather cruel when you think about it. The "geeks" fought so hard when the "jocks" weren't around, but you know, that once the "jocks" are in the picture, no matter how hard the "geeks" fight, there's no way they'll be able to compete physically.

Why, you ask, do I bring this up? Well, it seems we have our own case of Jocks vs. Geeks. My firm has been challenged to a hockey game by one of our clients. Without naming the client, let's just say that they are (or should be) rather athletic since they're a tour operator for a couple of very popular winter sports and are all snow-affecionados to say the least. Great. And we're a bunch of accountants, most of whom can barely skate and if we can skate, we're not coordinated enough to do it while holding a stick and trying to push a tiny piece of rubber along the ice. Luckily, we do have a co-op who's supposedly a crack goalie, a couple of ex. double A players who double as hockey coaches... and of course me (hee hee)... but I have this impending sense of complete, utter disaster. Ick. If anything, when the time comes and we're short players, I'll rope in Triscuit... ex triple A... should even out the teams a bit.

Wish us luck. :)

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