Wednesday, January 21

Day 9910: oops...whaddaya mean I had a deadline??

I have never been hindered by the desire to fulfill a deadline. Things get done before the deadline usually, but hey, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Especially with birthday or Christmas presents. Actually, this blog goes hand in hand with an earlier entry where I questioned the necessity of buying Christmas presents for the sake of buying a present and not because it is something that the receiver will truly enjoy.

Today, I found the perfect Christmas present for someone. Cost more than I had anticipated, and actually, I was astounded and did a double take when I heard the cost. But it is rather difficult to mess with perfection. Plus... I've had so much fun with it already this afternoon in the office, that darned it... it's just worth the big bucks I spent on it! If I had only seen the tiny little sticker that double digited what I was expecting to spend on it... but darned it... it's worth it!!!

So I've been up to 2 years late on a present before... ultimate procrastinator. Actually bought the present on time, but somehow didn't get around to wrapping and giving the present. Oops... whaddaya mean I had a deadline???

No skating tonight. Head's still a-pounding. Movie instead. Later babes. :)

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