Friday, February 6

Day 9926: *click*... *click*... I wish I was in Jay Peak???

How does that song go... All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go... but I have nowhere to go. Triscuit and Betty-G are in Vermont today - boarding obviously. Oh, how I wish that I could be there. The fresh powder, the minus 40 temperatures, the freezing cold wind in your face... oh, joy. How I wish I could drop things at a moment's notice and just go.

It's like that kid from Belleville who won the $20 Million Super 7 last month. His plan was to follow the snow. That's a great plan. One that I could adapt to quite easily. Quite.

Tonight's Super 7 jackpot is $37.5 Million - don't forget to buy. I'd be very upset if I found out that you didn't! But, that's ok, since I plan on winning it - just have to remember to buy my ticket on my way home. So, in the spirit of daydreaming, here's today's list on J's plans on how to spend the lottery winnings that she hasn't won yet...

1. $2-3 Million to my charity of choice - either that or set up a foundation that will donate all yearly earnings to charity so that I might be called a philanthropist instead of the lucky bum who got rich by winning the lottery. Oh, and so I might be able to get a nice hefty tax deduction on tax geek accountant... hey - why give the government any more money than they deserve.

2. $8 Million to my cousins - $1 Million to each of the 8 kids (ON MY MOM'S SIDE ONLY...hate my dad's side) so that they'll be able to follow their dreams without having to worry about money. Won't make them rich for the rest of their lives, but hopefully, they'll be able to parlay the cash into something that will make them quite comfortable... imagine... $1 Million at a measely 3% interest per year is still $30K at 50% effective interest rates, that's still an additional disposable income of $15K per year... that's a lot of lift tix, my friend.

3. $5 Million to the sista - for dealing with all my crap through the years, so she can satisfy her travel bug whenever she gets the urge to move, and so she can follow her dreams without having to worry about anything... ever... and she'll know that regardless of how she spends her $5 Mill, there's more where it came from, and she doesn't ever have to do anything she doesn't like again... dumb Texas... :o)

4. $10 Million to the parental units - for dealing with all my crap through the years. For dealing with all my crap for the years to come... and so they can go from one cruise to the next, because everything is "sooo beautiful" :o) And, should they so choose to fund my step-brother's restaurant, great!

5. $2.5 Million to the friends - be it cars or ski trips or whatever, I'm happy to spread the wealth... plus, they'll get full benefits of (see below) ...

6. $11 Million for me - I'm not greedy... I just want to be happy. Shrewd investment opportunities like buying real-estate in Whistler/Blackcomb, or Colorado somewhere... another in Banff... another in Switzerland... all with open door policy for my nearest and dearest... Like the kid said - I'm going to follow the snow. Oh, and maybe I'd like a Cheesecake Factory franchise. :o)

Of course... all above figures depend on the actual payout of the lottery, and if they present-value the payouts, how much I'd actually receive, since obviously, it's psychologically, and financially better to have the money now, instead of getting annual payments of X. Time value of money and all that crap. Damn... sometimes I hate being an accountant.

Oh... and if I actually win, I might seriously have to rethink all of the above... it's easy to spend money you don't have... :)

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