Monday, February 9

Day 9929: Pushing the envelope... (I never really understood where this came from)

People aren't always what they appear to be. My Po-po (grandmother) called me this morning because she wanted to chat. Alarm bells instantly went off the moment she asked if I was in my office alone, and if it was a GOOD time to talk. Uh-oh... it's never a good time to talk about THAT.

Same old conversation about how she worries about all the grandkids because a large group of us are approaching the big 3- 0 and no one seems to be in a steady relationship. At least not one that she knows about. Of course, I neither confirm nor deny, answering all questions with the standard I-think-they're-just-friends and the we're-just-friends bit. Somehow, she has it in her mind, that if she sees us with a particular person of the opposite sex, we're automatically going out. (watch out Tuxedo Sam... she'll have you hooked up with the entire family soon. 'Specially cuz she's seen you at least three times...) :)

Eventually the conversation kind of went a little off topic. First she started talking about finding a nice Chinese boy and taking him home and cooking something for him as if the path to true love really was through the stomach, to which I replied, "Po-po, I don't want to scare him to death...he's going to think I'm trying to kill him." Then, she digressed and started saying that it didn't matter whether or not he was Chinese, and that all she really wants is for all her grandchildren to be happily accompanied by someone who truly cares for them and will take care of them when they're sick etc. Great-grandchildren don't even matter, she said. Wow.

I would never have believed that my grandmother was so progressive and so accepting. I did not expect her to share the same thoughts as most people in our generation. Granted, it is a "hypothetical" situation. But given that the parental units are not entirely for it (i.e. if it's someone else's kid, it's perfectly fine, but not-for-my-kid kind of thing), it makes you wonder if they believe what they believe because they think that is what the older generations want. And if they know that the grandparents are okay with it, will they become more accepting of it, and stop worrying about what other people think. Maybe it's time for someone to push the envelope and actually see what happens... any volunteers? I would if I could, but I can't so I won't. Damn, I can be a little shit-disturber sometimes.

Scary part of today's conversation:

Po-po: Have you lost weight yet?
Me: No. It's about the same.
Po-po: Well hurry up, I want to find someone else to set you up with.
Me: Ummm... no ... it's not necessary.
Po-po: It is necessary. Everyone these days meet through "introductions..."
Me: Ummm... No REALLY... it's NOT necessary...
Po-po: Really. It IS necessary. You're not getting any younger you know...

PS... CONGRATS Tuxedo Sam on your first 5.10... all you gotta do now is come to the gym regularly... wish I was there to see it! :oP

PSS... BO!!!! If you're down in Middle Earth and you're reading this... We miss you!!!! :o)

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