Friday, April 2

Day 9983: Monkey-ing around

So after years of grumbling and complaining about my job, about how much I hate it but don't want to leave because I love the people, I've stopped monkeying around and settled down a week ago to do something about it. I contacted 4 headhunters last Monday morning because I PROMISED Mr. BMW that I would contact 3 (he was tired of hearing me complain), and yes, I did overshoot... just to prove that I was serious about the whole process. By Monday afternoon, I already had people calling me wanting to present me to their various clients, by Thursday I had gone to my first interview, and by this week, I had ones scheduled for Thursday, Friday and this coming Monday. Wow... this week has been crazy.

I've been late for work 3 times because of various "meetings." I fully intend to be late for work Monday morning, and if bosses of my monkey firm found out about this, I'd be in some serious doo, and I'd probably be looking for work full time very, very soon. Not that it isn't already a full time job. I'm surviving on an average of 3 1/2 hours of sleep a night. Any night not spent preppy for "meetings" has been spent talking to people about prepping for "meetings."

But I don't care. I'm excited. Excited that I've reached a point in my life where I'm ready to face a new challenge - to grow up and move on to the next step. Blah-blah position at new blah-blah company. Yes, I'm excited... so very, very excited...

I'm crossing my fingers. The last two have been good... I think I'd take one if the offer came up... lucks to me! :)

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