Wednesday, June 30

Day 10069: Divinity 101…

“You have to think about your future…”

The more I think about it, the more I think that planning for the future is a waste of time. Sure, you can plan for retirement and hope that your lifestyle allows you to live to the sweet old age of 65. Or you can plan for that humongous $2 million house you’d like to by in X number of years. But, more often than not, even the best laid plans fail to bear fruit. You’ll have a heart attack and die at the age of 45 thus, never even getting close to early retirement or your investment in that nice safe stock crashes and burns because the CEO and the CFO ran off to the Caymans with a cool $1 billion in their greedy little paws, and each other’s wives to boot.

Your past determines your future. Every action or reaction that occurs now causes something to happen in the future. It's a big chain reaction. So what if you make a mistake? You learn from your mistakes, other people learn from your mistakes… you learn from other people’s mistakes – that is how the world works. It’s one big cycle of recycled history. Though not necessarily your history, but a mismatch of someone else’s history, for sure.

If you’re constantly thinking about the future, reacting only on how each action will change or alter your future and never really living for the present, then are you really living? You can spend hours a day reading up on stocks, planning what to do when you strike it rich – the things you’ll buy, the places you’ll see. But what about the things you can do now – take some time to treasure the people around you… You can buy that perfect dream house now, and be gloriously happy but then shit happens and you lose your job. What to do then? What about the future? What future?

Today’s fortune cookie… “The best prophet of the future is the past…”

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