Wednesday, July 21

Day 10093 1/2:  No A/C... dying...

A/C at work blew this morning... my cube faces west so the afternoon sun is killing me.  I'm sweating like a hotdog grilling on the barbie.  Ick, what a non-girlie-girl image.  My skirt is sticking to me, and riding up with every single tiny movement...

Waiting in the lovely airconditioned lobby of FCP waiting for BMW to come down and lend me a bag so I can take everything home and work there in relative comfort.  Red head guy carrying lunch and a pack of smokes walks into the lobby.

"Woooo, weeee...." *whistle*

I turn my head to look at him, thinking what the heck?  Who's he whistling at?  He looks at me, immediately turns bright splotchy red, and mutters,

"Sorry, wrong person..."

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