Thursday, July 22

Day 10094: Why working from home just doesn't work...

I meant well.  Yesterday afternoon, stupified and suffocated by the unrelentless summer heat of downtown TO, I packed up my bags with the variety of assortment of things I was to work on, and came home.  Actually, staggered home, more like it.  With a laptop, a three inch binder full of oodles of working goodness, and two bags, it was a struggle not to pass out.  I tried, I tried really, really hard, but with a bag slung over each shoulder, I must have looked like I was going to war... or something.

It started off well.  Almost on the dot of 8:30, I called into reception,  "I won't be coming in today, Ms. Reception-Lady-who-barely-knows-my-name.  I'm going to be working from home today... by the way, how do I check voicemail from home"  (note... not that I ever get any in the first place but one must keep up with the illusion that one deserves her pay)

I tried, it didn't work.  I logged on to my email (and have been religiously checking it, for all the two emails that I've received today...) and mailed our tech guy for instructions - which so happened to be COMPLETELY different (and much easier) than what the receptionist had told me.

So, finally settled, I decide to set up my laptop to work on, checking email on my slow Rogers-lite account (I sooo regret downgrading), but horror of horrors... I had thought that I had an extra power cord at home... NOPE!  Damn... can't turn on laptop unless I absolutely need it... can't even download stuff from laptop to home computer because Ms. Genius here, forgot the silly little memory key, and doesn't have a spare.

Well then, I'll just have to take a mental break, walk the dog, eat breakfast while I decide what the heck I'm going to do.  Luckily, I had printed out a lot of tedious small print data to look at - that should keep me occupied for a good little while.  Ugh... breakfast isn't agreeing with me.  Maybe I shouldn't have eaten expired eggs - they smelled fine, and only tasted a little weird, but no big deal, right?  Ugh.  The aftertaste is killing me... I've brushed thrice, and still can't get the eggy sulpher taste out of my mouth.  I've decided that I'm done with eggs for now - they make me want to puke.

Now dizzy, nauseous and half blind from staring at size 7 font, I decide to take a "20 minute power nap" instead of eating lunch.  I've never before in my life been able to limit my "20 minute power naps" to 20 minutes... *strrrrrrrrrretch, yawn*... an hour later, feeling only a little refreshed, but also feeling a little groggy from oversleeping, I wake up.

Crap!  I haven't checked email or voicemail in AN HOUR!!!  What if someone's trying to reach me... yeah, right.

Afternoon, not so much better.  Fielded a few phone calls, dealing with a few odds and ends here and there, but the bulk of the work can't be done until other people get back to me... 

So, finally tally... working at home = squat done.  Oy, I'm so going to get fired. 

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