Wednesday, July 21

Day 10093:  Gone Fishin'

So, there's a guy I see on the subway almost every morning.  He gets on at my stop uptown, and gets off at my stop downtown.  He's probably 50-ish or so, beer belly, shaggy salt-and-pepper hair, unruly beard, always the same grubby white t-shirt and dark blue jeans.  He's eloquent, fascinating, definitely opinionated... and he talks to himself.  Not the normal kind of muttering one would expect from a self-talker, but full blown conversations as if he's talking to an imaginary friend.  Sounds almost like he's rehearsing for a play.  He talks, pauses to "listen", answers, and so the process goes... all the way downtown.


They've talked politics, had arguments, talked about weekend plans and drinking with buddies... man... this guy has more of a life than I do...

I'm jealous!!!  :)

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