Tuesday, August 3

Day 10106: Revelations…

~ happy place #3 (marine railroad at severn falls) isn’t so happy anymore – it’s become stale, slimey and stagnant with overpowering gas fumes from idling powerboats
~ rain does not make former happy place #3 any happier
~ living in a car is a comfortable, slightly cramped alternative… but definitely better than the Fisherman’s Wharf motel in Meaford
~ make sure you have access to a washroom or port-o-let at 6:30 in the morning when you wake up and you REALLY HAVE TO GO…
~ it is possible to check into a motel for an hour or two to shower, give the dog a bath and check right out
~ you find the weirdest things in the middle of nowhere…
~ happy place #4 has been promoted to happy place #3, and may be a really close tie for happy place #2
~ if someone knocks on your window in the middle of the night, it’s perfectly ok to tell them to “go away, I’m trying to sleep” after which they feel really bad and have little minor guilt trips through the night that you’re sleeping in his driveway when you could be sleeping inside
~ sleeping inside is not a good idea
~ living on the water makes me happy
~ the floorboards squeak, the bedroom door squeaks… the bed squeaks…
~ if you see a sign for a historic site that points you onto a small country road, don’t bother – chances are you’ll drive right by it and never find it, cuz it’s a rock in the middle of some farmer’s field with so little significance that you’ll forget you even tried to look for it
~ the little dinner at Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene makes really good baklava – the restaurant that starts with a “B” on Beach Blvd in Hamilton does not
~ if you drink all day, chances are, you will drink all night too
~ it’s ok to park at the harbour overnight if you have an RV, but if you just want to sleep in your car, it’s not ok – even if you volunteer to pay for parking there
~ kinsmen does not = KKK
~ the dog does not like to sleep on an air mattress. She also refuses to eat her own food while on vacation
~ you can’t hate happy people just because they’re happy, but you can hate them if they somehow made you sad
~ you can’t trust a real estate agent especially if their price is a good 25% higher than everyone elses
~ emails from your mother are never good
~ a kiddie pool isn’t just for kids… never buy the baby kiddie pool – it won’t fit a real baby

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