Wednesday, August 4

Day 10107: The Family

Since I can remember, every major event in my life has been precided over by The Family... as in aunts, uncles, and cousins getting together to decide what is the best alternative, and what should be done in each situation. They met when we were deciding what uni I should attend. They met when we decided what uni my sister should attend. They met when the maternal one decided she wanted to remarry. And now, they will meet because I have made my decision not to move home.

I wait with bated breathe for the representatives that will show up at my door in twenty-one minutes. The weight of the gavel is before me. It is time I stand up for what I know is right. They will not be able to sway me. I must be strong. Or I will die trying.

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yo, you ok? call me anytime. L.