Wednesday, October 13

day 10177: “MISSING DUCK”… big reward… any info. please call…

Have you ever felt lost, even though you know perfectly well where you are?

Have you ever felt incomplete, even though your life is supposedly grand and satisfying (in everyone else’s eyes at least)?

Have you ever wanted more – more from yourself, more from others, more from life in general…

But you don’t know what is more, or where to find it. You don’t even know where to look first.

You run ragged day to day. You hurry from place to place, run errands, have drinks with friends, pop in to see the family once a week. You climb Mondays and Thursdays, act on Tuesdays and have catering class on Sundays. Fridays and Saturdays might be reserved for drinking and partying. Wednesdays for lack of something better to do, you might hang out at home with the dog.

You like your Monkeyco, somewhat.

You love your friends, most times.

Life is full.

But you are tired, and constantly running.

Running from what? Running to what?

Days run into weeks. Weeks run into months. Months run into years. And still, you are running.

It’s not day-in-day-out. It’s something else, because everyday you’re doing something different, trying new things, maybe even meeting a new person here and there. But it seems empty and almost even meaningless.

Like you’re just killing time until the next big cataclysmic event happens in your life…

And until then, you don’t know what you’re doing… because you’re lost.


Colour: yellow & orange feet

Loves: French fries, club soda, bubble bath

Last seen at Bunny’s birthday party.

BIG REWARD. Any info. Please call 777-1234

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