Wednesday, July 6

day 10443: the difference between boys and girls…

Triscuit: Almost done. Just another couple of little leaks left to fix.
J: HAHAHA… I know it’s mean to laugh, but I just can’t help it… mfffft… why don’t you just call a plumber?
T: I did this morning… they can’t come until next week.
J: hee hee…
T: I don’t know what happened. I KNOW how to solder. I used to do it all the time when I worked for the plumber.
J: Yes, but that was how long ago? Fifty years ago? Hee hee…
J: CC and I were talking about this today… if it had been us, it would have been done weeks ago.
T: Yeah, cuz you would have gotten me to do it.
J: Hell NO! I’d call someone who KNEW what they were doing.
T: I know what I’m doing… Do you know how much that would have cost?
J: Does it matter? It’ll be done and I wouldn’t have to worry about my house flooding.
T: $50/hr a couple hours… we’re looking at $100+ here!
J: How much have you spent on supplies?
T: $25-50… I don’t know
J: And you’ve spent how many nights doing it? Call a plumber. They provide the supplies and they’re done in two hours… you could have spent the past couple of nights doing something else…
T: Yeah, whatever… like what?
J: Like me!
T: Good point.

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teahouse said...

Hahahaha, well put.