Sunday, January 15

day 10635: a history frozen in time

Things I found while cleaning out my freezer:

~ chocolate goat milk ice cream I made for Triscuit two summers ago
~ homemade butter chicken (???)
~ vegetarian dish made by my grandmother last Chinese New Year
~ Buzz Lightyear
~ chestnuts that were supposed to be roasted over an open fire... last summer
~ 12 half eaten loaves of bread
~ 3 pints of half eaten Ben & Jerry
~ edamame from 2 summers ago when I used to live near a Korean supermarket
~ 2 boxes of ice cream bars from last summer
~ 1 tub of toffee ice cream that I don't remember buying
~ bottle of Belvedere
~ spinach and artichoke dip I made for my housewarming party in 2004
~ 7 packages of half eaten freezer burned dumplings
~ assorted cold packs for assorted injuries
~ 2 "special" cookies baked by Serious Boy
~ Mr. Potatoehead


jay said...

How BIG is your freezer????

I only had:
- unopened pita bread from 4 years ago
- iced up and syruppy popsicles from a housewarming 4 years ago
- bacon from 3 years ago
- a big empty ice cream container

no toys or special cookies... =(

schmassion said...

Apparently, when you have no REAL food in your freezer, you have a lot of room for everything else... Lol... and that was mostly the stuff I took out. Of course, Buzz and Mr. Potatoehead had to go right back in when everything was spic and span clean.