Wednesday, January 25

day 10645: I don’t get it

Dear Manchu Wok,

Ashamed as I am to admit it, I am a regular consumer of your high fat, low protein, high carb, low nutrient “food.” It’s kind of cheap. It doesn’t make me gag (that much) and spew chunks like some other places on the food court do (ahem… you know who I’m talking about). Best of all, you’re JUST ACROSS THE STREET. I only have to freeze my tuckus off a little in this -12 degree weather to get some of your ok tasting food.

But answer me this… when a carton of your SCRUMPTIOUS (note sarcasm) chicken or pork product costs $5.99, why, oh why won’t you let me get both sweet and sour pork and orange chicken in the same container?

It’s not like I’m begging you for that fortune cookie that you throw in for all of your other non-asian customers… don’t think I haven’t noticed. (I like fortune cookies just as much as the next person. Really, I do.)

It’s not like it costs you anything more to give me a little more variety and make me - a LOYAL CUSTOMER - a little happier. Really, I don’t think you want to lose my business to that no-name place next to Noodle King.



Ps… I know what you’re going to say… they taste the same anyway. And ya know, they kinda do.

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